Staten Island Social Security Disability Lawyer

An injury or illness that prevents you from working can be extremely challenging. The anxiety of possibly not being able to provide for your family and the complexities of the legal process of obtaining benefits can be overwhelming.

The Staten Island Social Security Disability attorney from the law office of Jonathan H. Poznansky, Attorney at Law, can help. We have over 30 years of experience representing clients who work in Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York, including clients who live in New Jersey and travel into New York for work. We can help you through the process of applying for disability, appealing denials if necessary and obtaining your SSD benefits.

Social Security Disability Basics

Many people think that Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available only to those who have suffered serious physical injuries while conducting their jobs. The fact is, SSDI can be available for people with physical injuries as well as serious illnesses and even psychological injuries, and these do not need to have occurred during the course of employment. Social Security Disability takes into account any type of injuries or injuries suffered at any point in your life that limit your ability to work.

Social Security Process

There are many factors involved with obtaining disability benefits. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to help you obtain the benefits. Our lawyers help clients through every step of the process, including:

  • The initial application
  • The appeals process
  • All necessary hearings
  • Obtaining your benefits

While we prefer representing clients from the very beginning to minimize the chances of denial in the first place, we routinely take cases from clients at all phases of the process. Whether you are just starting the process of applying for SSDI benefits or your claim has already been denied, we can help.

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