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Avoid workers' compensation application errors

This blog recently discussed the importance of workers' compensation benefits for injured workers and their families. Workers compensation claims can be especially complicated, while at the same time workers' compensation benefits can be extremely important for the daily needs of workers injured on the job and for their families. When a claim has been denied, the process can only grow more complex.

Different types of errors can result in delays and denials of workers' compensation claims for benefits. One common type of error that can result in a denial of benefits includes procedural errors such as filing a workers' compensation claim for benefits with the wrong office or failing to file within the legal time limit required to make a claim. Another type of error that may result in a denial of benefits relates to technical errors which refers to a number of technical issues that can place a claim that might otherwise be approved in jeopardy.

Finally, medical errors such as the failure on the part of the doctor examining the injured worker to utilize the specific language required by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board can also lead to delays or denials of benefits. Any one of these errors could jeopardize the workers' compensation benefits injured workers and their families rely upon and need for their daily lives.

Injured workers understandably have a lot on their minds after they have been harmed at work and may be left unable to earn a living as a result of the occupational injury or illness they have suffered. As a result, it is important for injured workers to be familiar with the workers' compensation application process and trained guidance can be useful when navigating it.

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