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Tax tips for Social Security Disability recipients

It is that dreaded time of year: time to file your federal income tax forms as well as your New York state forms. No one looks forward to it, but it has to be done.

A recent news article laid out some tax tips for filers who receive Social Security Disability benefits. The first thing to do is check the Form SSA-1099 you should have received. It tells you what you got from the Social Security Administration, though it does not offer useful information such as how much of that total is taxable.

Perhaps the easiest, quickest way to file is to have the IRS do it for free. The federal agency will do that if your income does not exceed $40,000. But the article tax tips says you can also get a good idea of how much you might pay in taxes by adding together half of your SSDI benefits to all other income. Compare that total to the base amount excluded from tax ($32,000 for married filing jointly and $25,000 for all others). If there is anything above the base amount, it might be taxable.

The one exception to the $25,000 base tax exclusion is for those who married and filing separately and lived with the spouse at any time during the tax year. For them, all SSDI benefits are taxable, according to the article from Tribune Media.

One way to minimize or eliminate taxes on your Social Security Disability benefits is to get your hands on Publication 15. It will steer you to any other needed worksheets, as well as help you understand which deductions are applicable to your situation.

Of course, for many Staten Island residents, the first order of business is to secure SSDI benefits. Many applicants find their initial claim rejected. They often get help with the appeals process by speaking with an attorney experienced helping clients navigate the complex SSDI appeals process.

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