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What are the most common workplace accidents and injuries?

This blog recently discussed the importance of workers' compensation benefits for workers who have been injured in the workplace. During 2015 through 2016, a total of 144 workers lost their lives in workplace accidents. In addition, 621,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries in workplace accidents during that same period of time. To help keep themselves safe in the workplace, workers may wonder what are the most common types of workplace injuries, fatalities and workplace injury accidents.

Overall, the leading cause of workplace deaths is falling from heights which accounts for 26 percent of workplace fatalities. Being struck by a moving vehicle or moving object are the second and third leading causes which account for 19 percent and 10 percent of workplace deaths respectively. Workplace injuries range from backaches to shoulder pain and the risk of these and other types of injuries can increase when the worker is performing repetitive movements. Repetitive stress injuries can be minimized through encouraging breaks, ensuring equipment is maintained well and by maintaining adequate staffing.

Workplace injuries also result from slipping and tripping accidents. It is important to maintain mats, flooring, wet areas on floor surfaces and the overall working environment to help prevent slip and fall injuries in the workplace. Warning signs should also accompany dangerous or uneven footing and all workplace areas should be properly lit. To prevent serious fall accidents, workers should be properly trained and have the appropriate safety equipment for whatever task they are engaged in.

Safety should be a primary concern of employers in the workplace, as workers have the right to a safe workplace that does not cause them harm or injury. When a worker has been harmed in a workplace accident, it can have a devastating impact on the victim and their family which is why workers should be familiar with the benefits and protections offered through workers' compensation and if any other options are available to them.

Source:, "Common Workplace Accidents and How to Avoid Them," Anna Jones, Accessed May 25, 2017

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