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New York City fall at construction site kills worker

Workers' compensation benefits are available to protect workers and families impacted by a workplace accident. A Middletown native recently fell to his death in a construction accident in New York City. The fall at the New York City construction site claimed the life of 62-year old victim who was well known as a drummer over several decades. The worker fell 10 stories to his death when the platform he was working on collapsed beneath him. The victim was working 16 stories up at the time of the construction accident and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident after landing on the sixth floor of the building.

In addition to being a well known local drummer over several decades, the victim worked as a surveyor when he was not playing with different bands. Victims of construction site accidents and their families can have their lives changed forever. Different options may be available to help protect them following an unexpected construction accident, such as a fall, and can include workers' compensation options or other options depending on the circumstances.

Workers' compensation benefits in New York provide weekly cash benefits to surviving spouses and children of workers killed on the job such as in a construction accident. If the injury the worker died from was compensable, surviving family members may be eligible to receive two-thirds of the worker's weekly wage. Depending on what family members survive the victim, a cash payout may also be available to parents of a worker killed on the job. Funeral expenses are also available.

There are a variety of different protections available to injured workers and surviving family members of a worker killed in a workplace accident such as a construction accident. It is of vital importance for workers and their families to understand what options are available to them based on the circumstances they have suffered.

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