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Three construction workers injured in New York City accident

Construction workers have protections available to them when injured on a job site that is not safe. A construction accident in a neighboring borough resulted in 3 construction workers being seriously injured and having to be rescued. The construction workers were trapped when the upper portion of a construction project they were working on collapsed, causing the roof to collapse. The construction workers were trapped in the basement of the house they were working on following the construction accident.

The construction site accident resulted in injuries to the 3 workers. One of the workers, a 37-year old man, was able to escape the construction debris on his own but was seriously injured. A 40-year worker was rescued from the rubble but was critically injured. Following the accident, a 28-year old worker was trapped under a few thousand pounds of construction material in the basement of the construction site. The worker was entrapped and conscious during the entire rescue. The worker was ultimately rescued by emergency crews and transported to the hospital. The 40-year old construction worker was conscious and communicating but listed in critical condition. The injured workers were working on a 2-story home that reportedly was permitted to add a third story.

The construction debris that fell, injuring and trapping the workers, included 1,200 pound laminate beams, bags of cement, concrete blocks and sand aggregate, as well as other construction materials. After some initial confusion surrounding the timing of a crane placing the construction materials on the roof, it was determined that the heavy construction materials had previously been left by the crane. The construction site accident is being investigated. The delivery of heavy equipment is supposed to be sent to the lower level of a construction site and engineers are required to provide permission for materials to be placed on a roof; it is unclear if engineers provided the required permission.

Construction site accidents can cause devastation in the lives of workers and their families which is why workers' compensation benefits and other options may be available, depending on the circumstances, to help workers with medical bills, lost wages and other harm that results from a construction accident. As always, workers can only seek the resources and remedies they are aware of so it is important that they are familiar with workers' compensation protections.

Source: CBS New York, "Three Workers Hurt, Rescued In Astoria Construction Accident," June 20, 2017

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