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Most common risks facing electricians

New York relies on electricians to power the city. Whether you are working on a construction site or making minor repairs to the city's electrical infrastructure, you are doing important work. It is also sometimes dangerous work. Your safety should always be the top priority, but even with proper safety precautions, you might face certain dangers that other professionals do not.

In some cases, these dangers might result in injuries. To prevent such incidents from happening, you should be aware of the unique risks associated with working as an electrician. These are some of the most common hazards that face city electricians in the New York and Staten Island areas.

Confined spaces

There are many situations in which an electrician might be required to work in a confined space. You might need to enter an electrical transformer to do work, for example, and such an environment might have a deficiency of oxygen. According to OSHA, there are specific safety standards in place for work that must be done in confined spaces.

Extreme temperatures

Electricity generates heat, and New York can get hot enough without help in the summertime. When these conditions combine, it can prove deadly for working electricians. When temperatures get too high, you may even be vulnerable to heat stroke or fainting. It is imperative that electricians working in such conditions have access to ventilation or air conditioning. 

Shocks and burns

The conditions that electricians work in are often hazardous, but the work itself is dangerous, too. Electrical work is a highly skilled field, and a single error can have grave consequences. Electrical shocks and burns are some of the most common, and they can range in severity. Of course, it is not just the error of a worker that can cause such injuries -- faulty wiring, unsafe tools and other hazards can put electricians at an increased risk.

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