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Previously, this blog discussed a workplace accident that left several New York construction workers seriously injured. As much as we don't want to think about it, dangers like these threaten us in our day-to-day lives. Construction workers perform their job duties at excessive heights, on unstable footing and near speeding traffic. While their profession may seem inherently dangerous, even those jobs that seem mundane can be susceptible to on-the-job injuries. Office workers can hurt their backs while lifting boxes, delivery drivers can suffer injuries in a car accident and factory workers can suffer extensive harm when they are pinched or crushed by machinery.

Recovering from these accidents can take time, money and patience. However, many New Yorkers don't have the funds to keep themselves afloat while they regain their health. This is especially true when they are forced to incur unexpected medical expenses, and their injuries leave them unable to work; therefore, impacting his or her ability to maintain their wages. These lost wages and medical expenses can leave an injured worker in a dire financial position, which is why the workers' compensation system is so beneficial.

Yet, simply because you were injured on the job does not mean that you will automatically be granted workers' compensation benefits. In fact, many claims are denied for various reasons, including that the injury is not deemed serious enough to warrant missing work or that the injury was suffered outside of work. When this happens, it may be time to discuss the appeals process with a qualified legal team, like the one at Jonathan H Poznansky Attorney at Law.

Our firm has years of experience handling workers' compensation claims, so we know the process. We can identify weaknesses in a claim and diligently work to strengthen them with compelling evidence. Our team utilizes its knowledge of the law as well as its ability to craft strong legal arguments to ensure that our clients have the voice they need to hopefully succeed. No law firm can guarantee any particular outcome, but we can promise that our clients receive the individualized attention they deserve.

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