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What are the most common injuries nurses suffer from?

Nursing is a demanding profession, and whether you are an RN or CNA, you likely know that the job is often just as strenuous as it is rewarding. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nursing boasts more nonfatal occupational injuries than any other profession, so medical providers should be proactive in protecting themselves.

There are a number of injuries that nurses might be particularly vulnerable to. If you are a nursing professional who has been hurt on the job, you should be aware of the most common injuries that occur in your field, including these top three. If you have been hurt on the job, though, it is important to get treatment and legal representation.

1. Overexertion and stress

It is not uncommon for people working in hospitals and other medical facilities to suffer from overexertion and excessive stress. Nurses and CNAs alike often work shifts that are understaffed, which means they may be overworked both physically and mentally on a regular basis. This can weaken the immune system and make them more susceptible to injuries that may not otherwise occur.

2. Injury from lifting

Nursing involves more than just taking vitals and administering medicine. It also requires strength and physical fitness. Lifting heavy objects is part of job duties, and it is also common to have to lift patients while providing care. This can easily result in injury if nurses are not cautious. Many injure their backs and legs from lifting improperly.

3. Slips and falls

Hospitals and other medical facilities are the perfect environment for slip-and-fall accidents. People are often rushing around, and various liquids and fluids are often involved. This combination can create the perfect storm for a puddle that wreaks havoc and seriously injures a nurse. Similarly, there are many opportunities to trip and fall in a medical facility, so it is always important to be careful.

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