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New York construction accident leaves many injured

New York City has been seeing a building boom lately. While this is good for the economy and local workers, it also means that there is more potential for workplace accidents to occur. This is especially true for the construction industry. These workers are often put in harm's way by performing their job duties at great heights, near heavy machinery and in close proximity to swiftly moving traffic. It only takes the blink of an eye for a mistake to be made and for workers to be injured. Even those who are properly trained, aware and precautious on the job are not immune to the risks posed by workplace injuries.

To see just how dangerous these incidents can be, one need only look at one recent accident that left multiple New York construction workers injured. The victims, who were working to construct a building in Brooklyn, were hurt when a load of cinderblocks fell from the roof, resulting in a chain reaction that caused the building to partially collapse. According to reports, the cinderblocks were placed in a concentrated area, which was more weight than the roof could hold at the time. When the cinderblocks fell, they hit joists that had been in place to support the lower levels, thereby causing the collapse.

Six workers in total were injured, suffering arm and chest injuries. One individual suffered a serious leg fracture, which required him to be carried out of the building. The victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

The sad reality is that these workers will likely have a long road to recovery ahead of them. They may experience extreme pain, while at the same time incurring devastating medical bills, all during a time when they are unable to work and earn a wage. This can create a dire financial situation.

Fortunately, the workers' compensation system can oftentimes provide significant financial relief. Yet, there are many legal issues that must be confronted when submitted a workers' compensation claim, and those who fail to adequately address them put themselves at risk of being denied benefits. Therefore, it is often wise to discuss these matters with a qualified legal professional.

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