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Spine disorders and SSD benefits

When one considers all the body parts and organs that are critical to our day-to-day functioning, as well as the number of diseases and injuries that can suddenly strike them, it can be easy to become paranoid. Tragically, many New Yorkers find themselves battling serious illnesses that leave them unable to perform what were once easy daily tasks. These individuals may even be rendered unable to work, which means that they may suffer from lost wages at a time when their medical expenses are multiplying exponentially. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits may be available to help them in their financial time of need.

In order to recover SSD benefits, though, these individuals have to prove that they meet the federal requirements laid out by the Social Security Administration. Disorders of the spine may qualify for SSD benefits, for example, but only if the person suffering from the disability fits into one of three categories. The first category includes those who possess a disorder that compromises the spinal cord itself or a nerve root and can provide evidence of nerve root compression and its effect on the sufferer.

The second category contains those who suffer from spinal arachnoiditis. This condition must be confirmed by medical imaging or a tissue biopsy, and the condition must result in the need to change positions more than once every couple of hours. The third category includes those who have lumbar spinal stenosis. Again, this condition must be backed by appropriate evidence, such and medical imaging.

As readers of this blog probably know, many SSD claims are denied initially, many times for a failure to provide adequate medical evidence. Those who want to put forth a strong claim from the get-go, as well as those who are looking to appeal a denied claim, should consider discussing their case with a qualified legal professional. After all, for many New Yorkers, a lack of SSD benefits means destitution and an even greater focus on the shortcoming their condition has unfairly thrust upon them.

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