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Construction worker injured when steel beam falls

Construction work can be a nice paying and steady occupation in the New York area. Yet, as these workers know, it doesn't come without its disadvantages. In addition to the long hours, the grueling work conditions and the strenuous labor involved, this profession can be downright dangerous. Even the safest workers can be at risk of being injured on the job when an accident takes them by surprise. In these instances, individuals can be left with injuries that are so serious that they are hospitalized, forced to take time off of work and even suffer disability.

One of these workplace accidents occurred recently in Sunset Park. There, a construction worker was seriously injured when a steel beam from an expressway fell and struck the cherry picker the man was working from. One eyewitness said the beam caused the crane holding the cherry picker to rock back and then forward, causing the man to fall out and slam into the road below. Another witness said the victim, although conscious after the accident, was holding his head in pain and screaming.

The injured worker was taken to the hospital where he is listed as in stable condition. The exact injuries he suffered are unknown at this time. However, any hospitalization and days of missed work can take a financial toll on a worker and his or her family, not to mention the physical and emotional pain and suffering he may be facing. Cumulatively, these damages can be overwhelming, which means that this victim and his family may need somewhere to turn for help.

Oftentimes, after these workplace accidents victims can find help from a qualified workers' compensation attorney. One of these legal professionals may be able to assist with filing and pursuing a workers' compensation claim, as well as any justifiable third-party claims. If successful, a victim may then recover the money he or she needs to pay off medical expenses and recoup lost wages. Hopefully, then, he or she will be able to focus on reclaiming his or her health, getting back to work and returning to normal life.

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