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Workers' compensation claim denied? Seek skilled legal help

Any profession can pose a danger to those who work it. As we discussed in a recent post, construction workers can be especially susceptible to injuries caused bt workplace accidents. However, even those who work relatively safe jobs can be hurt while working. Office employees can suffer back injuries, delivery drivers can be hurt in a car accident and retail employees may be hurt in a trip and fall accident. Regardless of the cause, though, so long as the injury occurred while work duties were being performed, workers' compensation benefits are likely recoverable.

Why then are some claims denied? There may be any number of reasons. First, it may be determined that the worker's injury pre-existed the accident. Second, it may be found that the injured worker was not actually performing his job duties when the injurious accident occurred. However, each of these instances can be contested. The best way to avoid such findings, though, is to put forth a strong case to begin with.

At Jonathan H Poznansky Attorney at Law, we diligently work to ensure that every case we handle is adequately prepared with the strongest legal arguments possible given the circumstances. It is our hope and intention that every initial claim we handle will be granted, thereby allowing our clients to recover the compensation they need to recoup medical expenses and lost wages.

Of course, many clients come to us after they have had their claim denied. In these instances, we are just as aggressive in preparing to file an appeal. We utilize medical evidence in an attempt to show that, even if an injury pre-existed the accident in question, the incident exacerbated that injury. We also put forth evidence to show that workplace accidents occurred while within one's scope of employment.

Having handled these types of claims for years, we know what the claims adjudicators are looking for and how to craft our legal arguments to meet the burden they have set. Thus, those who want competent legal representation should carefully consider which law firm they want on their side.

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