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How chronic heart failure can qualify one for SSD benefits

When people think of the most important organs in their body, they often think of their brain and their heart. Regardless of how well the rest of a person's body performs, a defective or diseased brain or heart can leave an individual facing significant hardship. With regard to heart conditions, individuals may be unable to exert themselves, and sometimes they require constant monitoring. These realities oftentimes leave these individuals unable to work. While work may be the last thing on one's mind when he or she is suffering from a heart condition, not having income can make it terribly difficult to obtain much needed medical care and, generally, make ends meet.

Of course, as previously discussed in the blog, those who can show that they meet the federal requirements laid out by the Social Security Administration for Social Security disability benefits may be awarded compensation. This money can be a financial lifesaver, allowing individuals to find financial relief, allowing them to focus on their health and enjoying life as much as possible.

One illness that qualifies for SSD benefits is chronic heart failure. In order to qualify though, a claimant must prove that he or she suffers from the condition even while on a treatment regimen. Additionally, the claimant must demonstrate that he or she suffers from either systolic or diastolic failure that results in one of a number of symptoms. These symptoms may include an inability to perform daily activities, three or more episodes of congestive heart failure within a year's time or an inability to partake in and complete an exercise tolerance test for one of a number of reasons.

Seeking SSD benefits, while seeming simple, can be riddled with complications. Medical evidence can be difficult to gather, and even once obtained, it may be hard to find a way to use it to prove that one meets federal requirements. Those who want to seek Social Security disability benefits for illness should thus consider whether they would find such assistance helpful before proceeding either with an initial claim or an appeal. This is where an experienced attorney may prove beneficial.

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