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SSD benefits for personality disorders

Mental health has received much more attention over the last several years. As these conditions have become more socially acceptable, more individuals are seeking the treatment they need and deserve. Yet, for many New Yorkers, despite receiving treatment, their mental condition is so severe that it negatively impacts their daily lives. When this interference disallows an individual from working, then he or she may struggle to find financial stability. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits may be recoverable if certain federal requirements are met.

Impulse-control and personality disorders are some of those conditions that may qualify for SSD benefits. In order to succeed on one of these claims though, one must prove that he or she meets two qualifications. First, he or she must demonstrate that he or she has a pattern of one or more symptoms, which may include social detachment, personal relationship instability, distrust of others, an exaggerated focus on organization and cleanliness or attention-seeking behavior.

Once one or more of these elements is shown, then an individual must prove that he or she meets the second prong for these conditions. To recover SSD benefits, it must be demonstrated that one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms results in extreme limitation in one area or notable limitation in two of a number of areas. Amongst these are interactions with others, the ability to manage one's self, the ability to concentrate and the ability to comprehend, recall and apply information.

Although proving these elements may sound relatively easy, the Social Security Administration is actually very good at finding deficiencies in claims. These deficiencies often include a lack of medical evidence, which is why claimants need to ensure they are doing everything they can to gather all information relevant to their case. Then, once that is accomplished, they can craft competent legal arguments to support their position. An experienced attorney can oftentimes assist with this process, whether with regard to an initial claim or an appeal.

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