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Parkinsonian syndrome sufferers may qualify for SSD benefits

Mental health has been gaining attention in the public forum, but it still isn't receiving the attention it deserves. Many Americans suffer from a variety of mental health conditions that affect their daily lives. Sometimes these illnesses can be effectively treated with therapy and medication, but in other instances, the condition is simply too sever to allow a sufferer to live a normal life. Those who fall in the latter group can see every aspect of their life altered, including being rendered unable to work. While that may sound like the least of their concerns, the truth of the matter is that those who are unable to work and thereby earn a wage may struggle to make ends meet. This can include maintaining housing, putting food on the table and even obtaining medical treatment.

This is why those who suffer from debilitating mental health conditions need to consider whether they qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If they do, then they may file a claim in hopes of obtaining monthly benefits to help them find financial stability. In order to qualify for SSD benefits, though, they must meet the federal requirements that are laid out for their specific medical condition.

One qualifying condition is Parkinsonian syndrome. To qualify for SSD benefits under this condition, an individual must be under treatment for three months but still exhibit one of two characteristics. First is disorganization in the motor skills in at least two extremities that limits one's ability to stand or walk. Second, an individual can show that, despite medical treatment, he or she still suffers limitation in physical functioning and understanding or remembering information, interacting with other individuals, concentrating or managing oneself.

Proving that one meets these qualifications may sound easy enough, but in reality, the Social Security Administration often finds ways to deny a claim. When this happens, individuals need to regroup, gather evidence, develop strong legal arguments, and mount an appeal. Those who determine that they need assistance with either an initial SSD claim or an appeal can discuss their case with a qualified legal team,. This helps ensure that applicants understand their rights and take the rights steps to recover benefits owed to them.

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