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5 common causes of bus driver injuries

Driving a bus is hard work. Your job requires you to operate for long hours, perform repetitive tasks and work among some hazardous conditions. Being a bus driver means you have a unique risk of sustaining an on-the-job injury.

In fact, 5,000 bus drivers had to take time away from work in 2013 due to suffering an injury while working. But what are the specific bus driving hazards you face? There are a few accidents and injuries you may experience while driving a bus.

1. Traffic incidents

It may not be surprising that the most prevalent cause of injuries for bus drivers is transportation incidents. Because you spend the majority of your job on the road, you have a higher chance of being in a work-related motor vehicle accident. Accidents and other traffic events account for 42 percent of occupational injuries. 

2. Overexertion

Sometimes, you work long hours and perform strenuous tasks. Pulling, lifting, kneeling, twisting and repetitive motions may result in bodily reactions and overexertion. This accounts for 22 percent of bus driver injuries.

3. Falls

Not all of your work involves sitting behind the wheel. You often need to walk on sidewalks or other walkways, and they may be wet or icy. This may cause you to slip and fall. All falling accidents, including slips and trips, cause 14 percent of injuries for bus drivers. 

4. Contact with equipment or objects

Items, tools or pieces of equipment may injure you during your workday. For example, a passenger may throw an object that hits you in the head. These incidents account for 12 percent of injuries.

5. Violence

Unfortunately, you may deal with violent people as a transportation worker. Passengers may get disorderly and assault you. Violent events make up 5 percent of injuries among bus drivers according to the most recent statistics.

It is important for you to make ends meet if you get an injury as a bus driver. Consider filing a workers' compensation claim if you sustain an injury.



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