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Employees tend to have certain expectations in the workplace. But nobody expects to be injured on the job. Yet, every day, unsuspecting New Yorkers are put in harm's way and suffer workplace injuries as a result. Generally speaking, those who are injured in workplace accidents qualify for workers' compensation benefits. This is important because these benefits can help individuals secure money to help them cover their medical expenses and rehabilitative costs, as well as recoup a portion of their lost wages. For many New Yorkers, workers' compensation benefits are a true financial lifesaver while they focus on reclaiming their health and getting back to work.

Although many workplace injuries are covered by workers' compensation, there are a lot of cases where injured workers have their claims denied. A claim denial may be the result of a number of factors, including evidence showing that the hurt person was doing something other than his or her work duties at the time an injury was suffered. Other denials are handed out due to the injury pre-existing the incident, as well as lack of medical evidence.

Our law firm knows just how important workers' compensation benefits can be for those who are injured on the job. That is why we diligently and aggressively work to ensure that our clients' claims are as thoroughly prepared and competently litigated as possible. Our legal team ensures that all relevant physical evidence is gathered and witness testimony is well prepared. Since we know what claims adjudicators are looking for, we can tailor our clients' claims to meet the legal burdens they face.

We assist individuals at every phase of the workers' compensation process. Whether one is merely considering seeking benefits or appealing a claim denial, we stand ready to fight for the favorable resolution our clients deserve.

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