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The costs of dealing with cancer

Tragically, just about everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another. For some, a beloved family or friend has been inflicted with the disease. For others, they must confront the disease head on after they have been diagnosed with it. For those in the latter group, their lives can be forever changed after a cancer diagnosis. What becomes important to them can change as they shift their focus away from their day-to-day activities and toward obtaining effective treatment.

Yet, these individuals are still forced to deal with issues that may not be of the utmost importance to them, like paying bills. After all, those diagnosed with cancer will still have to pay for their medical care as well as their living expenses, such as rent or house payments, utilities, food and other necessities. The costs of medical care can quickly skyrocket, too, especially when individuals have to be subjected to surgery, radiation treatment or pharmacological therapy.

There are also many indirect costs associated with cancer. For example, an individual's cancer may be so severe that he or she is rendered unable to work. They may also need mental health treatment to help cope with their changed circumstances. Even lodging while staying near a treatment center can be costly. Taken together, the total cost of dealing with cancer can be enormous which, in turn, can leave victims overwhelmed by the uncertainty of their future.

When an illness like cancer leaves one unable to work, then he or she may be able to find financial relief through Social Security disability. SSD benefits can help cover many of the expenses discussed above. Those that are in a severe condition may qualify for a compassionate allowance, which greatly speeds up the rate one's claim can be adjudicated. Before pursuing one of these claims, though, it may be best to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney to learn more about how best to approach the matter.

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