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SSD benefits: the role of the medical consultant

The process of recovering Social Security disability benefits can be a challenging and confusing one. Yet, fully understanding it is imperative, as it can significantly increase the likelihood that one will be able to build successful legal arguments supporting his or her position. This is why many New Yorkers turn to skilled attorneys for assistance. One issue that these attorneys readily understand is the role of the medical consultant.

Occupational hazards faced by nurses

Nursing can be a tremendously rewarding profession, but it is also an inherently dangerous one. Hospitals are notoriously hazardous work environments, presenting a broad range of risks for employees, and the nature of the nursing position and the duties expected of you only increase your odds of suffering a work-related injury or hardship.

New York construction worker injured in fall

Readers of this blog know that just about any profession can pose a risk to one's safety and well-being. However, there are some professions that tend to be more dangerous than others. Amongst these professions is construction worker. These men and women often perform their job duties at heights and near moving vehicles. They also operate heavy machinery that, when improperly kept or operated negligently, can cause serious injuries and death.

Social Security disability and workers' compensation may overlap

Many people don't realize it, but there can be significant overlap between the workers' compensation system and the Social Security disability system. Usually, individuals who are injured on the job seek workers' compensation so that they can recoup their lost wages and medical expenses, thereby allowing them to focus on their recovery and returning to work. Many times, though, these individuals find that they are unable to return to work on account of their medical condition, which drives them to seek Social Security disability benefits.

SSD benefits: assessing one's ability to work

The Social Security disability process can deceptively seem simple. At first glance, it appears one merely needs to show that he or she suffers from a medical condition that renders him or her unable to work. To a certain extent, this assessment is correct. But in reality, the matter is much more complicated.

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