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SSD benefits: the role of the medical consultant

The process of recovering Social Security disability benefits can be a challenging and confusing one. Yet, fully understanding it is imperative, as it can significantly increase the likelihood that one will be able to build successful legal arguments supporting his or her position. This is why many New Yorkers turn to skilled attorneys for assistance. One issue that these attorneys readily understand is the role of the medical consultant.

When a SSD claim is submitted to the Social Security Administration, a team of experts works together to determine whether the claimant meets the federal requirements to be deemed "disabled" analyzes it. One of the members of this team is the medical consultant.

The medical consultant has many duties. Amongst them is to analyze the submitted evidence to determine whether it is medically sufficient to make a disability finding. Also, he or she will have to decide whether a consultative examination is necessary, which usually occurs when the submitted medical evidence is inadequate to allow the medical consultant to make a decision about disability. These consultative examinations can require a claimant to undergo further medical testing and evaluation for the purposes of determining whether a disability exists.

The medical consultant, in essence, is responsible for looking at the medical merits of a SSD claim. Therefore, those who are preparing a claim need to be ensure that they are using competent medical evidence to support their position. This evidence should be thorough, reliable and convincing, especially since it will be assessed by another medical professional. When issues arise with regard to gathering or presenting this evidence, it may be wise for a disabled individual to speak with an attorney who is skilled at aggressively seeking SSD benefits.

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