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Muscular dystrophy sufferers may qualify for SSD benefits

There are a number of medical conditions that can have a tremendous impact on an individual's life. This impact can negatively impact one's physical and mental health and even his or her ability to obtain and maintain gainful employment. This, in turn, can leave an individual facing significant financial hardship. Although there are government programs available to help assist these individuals, the truth of the matter is that before benefits can be obtained, certain federal requirements must be met.

This is especially true for Social Security disability benefits. When making a decision on a SSD claim, the federal government considers one's employment history and how the claimant's medical condition affects his or her ability to work. Also, and perhaps the most focused upon requirement, is whether the medical condition is severe enough to be considered disabling. Each medical condition has its own requirements, which means claimants need to have a full understanding of how the requirements pertain to them before moving forward.

One condition that may qualify for SSD benefits is muscular dystrophy. To qualify, one must show that the condition has resulted in extreme limitation to at least two limbs resulting in trouble standing, walking or using one's arms. Another way to qualify is to show that one's understanding or remembering of information, interacting with others, ability to concentrate or one's ability to take care of himself or herself has been significantly limited on account of muscular dystrophy.

Although these characteristics of disability seem relatively easy to understand at first glance, they can actually be quite complicated. For example, what is "extreme limitation"? How is it determined whether one's concentration or ability to interact socially has been significantly impacted to the point of have "marked limitation"? These are questions that lawyers are skilled at addressing, as they understand what claims adjudicators are looking for and how to present evidence to address those issues. For this reason, those looking to recover SSD benefits may want to discuss their case with a qualified legal professional who can help them prepare a strong claim.

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