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Previously, this blog discussed the role of the medical consultant as it pertains to Social Security disability claims. These crucial members of the team that makes a determination regarding whether an individual should be awarded SSD benefits look for particular evidence, or lack thereof, when making their decisions. This is the importance of understanding the law and how to build a strong disability case can't be stressed enough.

At Jonathan H Poznansky, Attorney at Law, we carefully use the facts at hand to develop legal arguments that seek to address the concerns claims adjudicators may have. For example, with the medical consultant in mind, we diligently work to obtain medical evidence that supports a showing of disability, whether that be through medical records or the testimony of medical professionals. Likewise, we know that our clients will have to put forth evidence related to their job, employment history and how their medical condition affects their ability to work, which is why we never neglect this aspect of a claim.

One small hiccup when preparing a SSD case can derail the entire claim if not handled properly. For this reason, New Yorkers who are in need of SSD for financial stability while they focus on their health need to think about discussing their case with a skilled legal team, like the one at our firm. An attorney who is experienced in this field can quickly identify any potential issues with a claim and quickly work to resolve them before they become problematic.

While we take pride in our legal abilities, deep down we represent our clients on a personal, human level. We see our clients as the people they are and the difficulties they face, not just as cases. We utilize our passion for helping those who are facing unfortunate circumstances to motivate us to give them the best legal representation possible. To learn more about us, please continue to explore our website.

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