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Gas explosion injures three New York workers

There are a number of professions that are inherently dangerous. Police officers, firefighters and members of the military often put their own safety and well being on the line in order to appropriately carry out their job duties. Those who work in construction-related fields also face workplace dangers. Although these risks may not be as frequent or as serious as those faced by police officers and firefighters, they can still cause serious injuries and, in some instances death.

Construction workers at high risk for TBIs

As a New York construction worker, no one need tell you that your job often requires you to work at considerable heights, such as on tall ladders, roofs and scaffolding. Despite the safety precautions and equipment your employer likely has in place, you nevertheless face a tremendous risk of falling. If and when you do, you risk receiving a serious and debilitating injury such as a traumatic brain injury

Our law firm stands up for those with disabilities

As we have discussed a number of times on this blog, there are a wide variety of medical conditions, both injuries and illnesses, which may qualify an individual for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits can prove to be a true financial lifesaver for those who are left unable to work on account of their medical condition. Yet, recovering these benefits isn't easy, primarily because the Social Security Administration has strict requirements that must be met before benefits will be awarded.

How common are Social Security Disability claim denials?

It is clear that living with a disability presents many challenges. We talk a lot on this blog about how to build a strong Social Security Disability claim. Obviously, developing legal arguments that are supported by solid evidence increase the chances that one will succeed with his or her claim, allowing for benefits to be obtained. However, many New Yorkers are disheartened to discover that their initial claim, for whatever reason, is denied. As troublesome as that may seem, it is not the end of the road. This is because numerous appellate options exist.

Certain job sectors continue to see many workplace injuries

Being injured on the job is no small thing. After all, it may mean that you suffer an extensive amount of physical pain, and your injuries may require medical treatment. Making matters worse, your injuries may be severe enough to prevent you from working. In these instances, you may miss out on much needed wages, thereby putting yourself and your family in a precarious financial position.

Surviving family can continue to receive loved one's SSD benefits

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing Social Security disability benefits and how to qualify for them. In order to recover these benefits, which can provide significant financial relief, individuals typically must show that they meet the federal government's definition of "disabled." That definition, though, varies from medical condition to medical condition, which is one why there are often issues with regard to whether one qualifies for these benefits. However, with strong legal advocacy on their side, many applicants are able to succeed on their SSD claims.

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