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Gas explosion injures three New York workers

There are a number of professions that are inherently dangerous. Police officers, firefighters and members of the military often put their own safety and well being on the line in order to appropriately carry out their job duties. Those who work in construction-related fields also face workplace dangers. Although these risks may not be as frequent or as serious as those faced by police officers and firefighters, they can still cause serious injuries and, in some instances death.

One of these workplace accidents occurred recently in Brooklyn. There, a group of National Grid employees suffered burns when a gas line exploded, shooting flames up and into the street. Reports indicate that the group was actually working to repair the leak when the gas ignited. The exact cause of the explosion is unknown at this time, but the workers were taken to the hospital with burns to their faces and arms. Reports indicated that the injuries are non-life threatening.

Although instances like this one often make the news, there is a significant number of workplace injuries that go unreported to the general public. All of these injured individuals need to ensure that they report their injuries to their employer, though, as failing to do so could jeopardize a workers' compensation claim. The benefits recoverable through this program can provide significant financial relief to those who are suddenly and unexpectedly hit by medical expenses and lost wages.

It seems simple enough to successfully pursue a workers' compensation claim, but the truth of the matter is that many of these claims are denied, often for evidentiary reasons. Fortunately, qualified legal professionals are available to help these victims learn how to develop strong claims and, when necessary, how to build a case for an appeal of an initial denial.

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