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Our law firm stands up for those with disabilities

As we have discussed a number of times on this blog, there are a wide variety of medical conditions, both injuries and illnesses, which may qualify an individual for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits can prove to be a true financial lifesaver for those who are left unable to work on account of their medical condition. Yet, recovering these benefits isn't easy, primarily because the Social Security Administration has strict requirements that must be met before benefits will be awarded.

Sadly, far too many New Yorkers pursue SSD benefits for legitimate reasons but wind up having their claim denied. There are many different reasons why a claim may be denied, but a significant portion of denials are based on a lack of medical evidence. Although this may seem daunting to a claimant, the good news is that with legal knowledge and skill on their side, these individuals can position themselves so that their claims are as strong as they can possibly be, whether that be at the initial adjudication phase of the process or at the appellate level.

Our law firm has been working for approximately 30 years, helping injured workers and disabled individuals fight for the benefits they need and deserve. Armed with this experience and a full understanding of how to utilize the law to one's benefit, we ensure that disabled individuals understand the steps involved in the claims process and how to navigate them with confidence and strong legal arguments.

We understand just how tragic a disabling condition can be for a New Yorker and his or her family, which is why we give every case we handle the dedicated and individualized attention it deserves. With our record of successfully recovering SSD benefits for our clients, we take pride in our contribution to the community and hope to continue to do so for years to come. Those who want to learn more about our firm and what we have to offer can continue to explore our website.

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