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New York firm fights for SSD benefits for PTSD sufferers

Recently, this blog discussed post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD and the harmful effects it can have on individuals. For far too many, this medical condition drastically reshapes the way they live their lives. Many New Yorkers who suffer from PTSD are unable to function well in public, which can affect their ability to socialize with friends and family and even hold a job.

What simple mistakes can get your SSDI request denied?

When you are unable to work, programs such as SSDI can be helpful. In fact, they are a lifeline for many people. Unfortunately, the application and approval process can be complicated to the point that they scare off applicants or result in applicants submitting applications containing mistakes.

Eating disorder may qualify for SSD benefits

A significant number of Americans struggle with bulimia and anorexia. Although these individuals may face embarrassment and even ridicule on account of their condition, the harm it can cause doesn't stop there. In addition, one's physical health can be seriously affected, sometimes threatening an individual's very life. When these medical conditions, which can be tied to mental health, leave an individual unable to work and earn a wage, then he or she may also suffer from a lack of income. This can prevent an individual from not only maintaining a stable life, but it can also make it impossible for an individual to obtain the medical care he or she needs.

PTSD and Social Security disability benefits

There are a number of mental health conditions that may qualify an individual for Social Security disability benefits. Amongst those is post-traumatic stress disorder, often referred to as PTSD. This condition can arise after an individual directly experiences a traumatic event. These events may include a car accident, military service at war and exposure to serious crime, but it can also occur in individuals who witness traumatic events. A little less than 10 percent of the population will experience this condition at some point in their lives.

Brain injury may qualify for SSD benefits

Suffering injuries is a part of life. Fortunately, most individuals are able to quickly recover from the harm they have been inflicted, and it has a minimal impact on their day-to-day lives. Other injuries may be serious, but still allow a victim to get back to his or her normal life within a reasonable period of time. There are some injuries, though, that can leave a person disabled. Merely living with these injuries can be difficult enough, but finding a way to make ends meet when his or her medical condition renders him or her unable to work is another matter altogether.

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