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Brain injury may qualify for SSD benefits

Suffering injuries is a part of life. Fortunately, most individuals are able to quickly recover from the harm they have been inflicted, and it has a minimal impact on their day-to-day lives. Other injuries may be serious, but still allow a victim to get back to his or her normal life within a reasonable period of time. There are some injuries, though, that can leave a person disabled. Merely living with these injuries can be difficult enough, but finding a way to make ends meet when his or her medical condition renders him or her unable to work is another matter altogether.

One situation where this can occur is when an individual suffers a brain injury. This type of harm can leave an individual with physical, cognitive and emotional damage. He or she may be unable to control certain parts of his or her body, including bodily functions. A brain injury sufferer can also be subjected to mood swings, depression and anxiety as a result of a brain injury. Brain trauma can be suffered in a number of different ways, too. Car accidents, falls, sports and acts of violence can all lead to a brain injury that forever changes a victim's life.

Regardless of how such an injury is caused, an individual who is left unable to work as a result of this medical condition may be able to recover compensation through the Social Security disability system. However, before one can succeed on a claim and recover SSD benefits, certain federal requirements must be met.

This is where a skilled legal professional may prove helpful. He or she will know not only the logistics of filing and pursuing a SSD claim, but he or she can also help gather evidence and present it in a way that is persuasive. This, in turn, may increase the likelihood that an individual will succeed on his or her claim. Therefore, those who have been afflicted with a brain injury should think about what rights and options they have when it comes to seeking assistance from programs such as SSD.

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