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Eating disorder may qualify for SSD benefits

A significant number of Americans struggle with bulimia and anorexia. Although these individuals may face embarrassment and even ridicule on account of their condition, the harm it can cause doesn't stop there. In addition, one's physical health can be seriously affected, sometimes threatening an individual's very life. When these medical conditions, which can be tied to mental health, leave an individual unable to work and earn a wage, then he or she may also suffer from a lack of income. This can prevent an individual from not only maintaining a stable life, but it can also make it impossible for an individual to obtain the medical care he or she needs.

Fortunately, those affected by an eating disorder may be able to recover compensation for their condition through the Social Security disability system. However, before SSD benefits can be recovered, an individual must demonstrate that he or she meets the federal requirements to be deemed "disabled." These requirements are specific to the medical condition in question, which means an individual who suffers from an eating disorder will be looked at in light of how that specific condition affects his or her life.

To meet these requirements and recover benefits, an individual who suffers from an eating disorder must prove two things. First, he or she must provide medical documentation that evidences that the condition is directly linked to an impairment in his or her physical or psychological health. Second, the claimant must show serious limitation in one of four areas. These areas include the ability to understand or remember information, engage with others, concentrate and manage one's self.

Although it may sound easy enough to prove these elements, it can actually be quite difficult. Oftentimes the Social Security Administration denies claims for lack of medical evidence and legal arguments that fail to meet the applicable burden of proof. To increase the chances of avoiding these shortcomings, those who are considering applying for SSD benefits should think about working with a skilled legal professional to build their claim.

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