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Spinal cord injury may qualify you for SSD benefits

Many Americans, including some of those right here in New York, suffer serious injuries in car accidents, workplace mishaps, slip-and-fall incidences, and in many other ways. While many of these victims are able to reclaim their health and return to their normal lives, others are left with debilitating injuries that upend their day-to-day lives. Oftentimes these injuries interfere with an individual's ability to work. When this is the case, an individual can face significant financial hardship and destitution, which is why they need to consider seeking out the Social Security disability benefits to which they may be entitled.

What is my role in the SSD claim process?

If you've been injured or developed a medical condition that is severe enough to leave you unable to work, then you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If obtained, the compensation paid to you through this program can serve as a financial lifesaver. It can assist you in your efforts to obtain and pay for medical care, and it can help offset your lost wages. These benefits aren't automatically provided to those who suffer from a disability, though, which means you need to make active efforts to ensure that you are adequately and aggressively pursuing your SSD claim.

How can I prepare for my workers' compensation hearing?

Before filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Staten Island, you probably thought that the hardest thing you would have to deal with is the wait. No one warned you about the possibility of your claim being denied. As you get ready to file an appeal on your workers’ compensation claim, you might find yourself wondering how you can prepare for the hearing. The hearing gives you another chance to present your case and get a more favorable decision. In addition to having everything you need to support your claim, consider the following pointers:

Construction worker injured at World Trade Center site

Construction is a year-round industry in New York. Those funding construction projects often want their structures built as quickly and as cheaply as possible. This rush to stay on schedule and on budget can cause workplace errors to occur that leave construction workers susceptible to injuries. Even those workplaces that are deemed safe can see accidents that result in injuries.

Workers' compensation can provide social work help

It goes without saying that an injury in the workplace can impose physical and financial imitations on an individual. However, few recognize that being injured on the job and all of the ramifications any resulting injuries can have may result in the imposition of emotional harm, too. Injured workers can find themselves overwhelmed with financial issues that have been unexpectedly thrust upon them, which can leave them scrambling to make ends meet. This is true even when workers' compensation benefits are recovered because these benefits usually don't cover the full extent of one's losses.

Burn victims may qualify for SSD benefits

There are some injuries that can be characterized as severe and life altering. A burn injury is one of them. In some cases, a burn could be so severe that it prevents a person from being able to lead a normal life. The recovery process can be extensive, require much time away from work. In these matters, this injury may be considered disabling.

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