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Burn victims may qualify for SSD benefits

There are some injuries that can be characterized as severe and life altering. A burn injury is one of them. In some cases, a burn could be so severe that it prevents a person from being able to lead a normal life. The recovery process can be extensive, require much time away from work. In these matters, this injury may be considered disabling.

A burn injury can be classified in one of three ways. First-degree burns typically leave the out skin reddened and, although painful, are considered relatively minor. A sunburn typically constitutes a first-degree burn. A second-degree burn affects both the outer layer of skin as well as the skin tissue underneath the outer layer, referred to as the dermis. Blisters often accompany these burns, and the skin may look wet. Depending on the type of second-degree burn, a sufferer may end up with scarring.

Third-degree burns completely destroys the outer layer of skin as well as the dermis, causing the skin to appear black or yellow. This type of burn damages nerves, so it often isn't painful. Fourth-degree burns, which are the most severe, can damage not only the various layers of skin, but also other bodily structures. Bones, tendons and muscles can all be affected. These burns can be life-threatening and often leave victims with long-term injuries.

Although medical treatment may be able to help burn victims recover from their injuries, thereby allowing them to return to their normal lives, others are too badly harmed. For these individuals, every aspect of life can become challenging, including work. Those who are unable to earn a wage because of their condition may be deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, which would qualify them for Social Security disability benefits. In order to qualify, though, a victim must be able to show that the burn has resulted in numerous skin lesions that either already have or are expected to be present for at least a year.

Focusing on a SSD benefits claim and all of its legal attributes can be a challenging task when an individual is struggling to cope with a severe burn injury. This is why skilled legal professional stand ready to help those in need of the financial assistance provided by the SSD system.

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