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How can I prepare for my workers' compensation hearing?

Before filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Staten Island, you probably thought that the hardest thing you would have to deal with is the wait. No one warned you about the possibility of your claim being denied. As you get ready to file an appeal on your workers’ compensation claim, you might find yourself wondering how you can prepare for the hearing. The hearing gives you another chance to present your case and get a more favorable decision. In addition to having everything you need to support your claim, consider the following pointers:

Watch what you wear

A workers’ compensation hearing is a formal occasion. Though you might still be recovering from your workplace injury, you must take care with your appearance. The way you dress for the hearing sends a message to everyone, so be conscious of what that message is. Refrain from wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or anything expensive and flashy that may indicate that you have a lavish lifestyle. Err on the side of caution and dress comfortably in business casual attire.

Plan ahead and arrive early

The closer it gets to your workers’ compensation benefits appeal hearing, the more nervous, stressed and worried you might feel. Do not let your nerves get the best of you. It is important for you to continue to take care of yourself and work on your recovery the best way you can. When the hearing date arrives, eat breakfast and leave early enough to overcome any possible delays in traffic that may cause you to be late. A timely arrival for your hearing is important; it shows everyone that you value their time. It is better for you to be several minutes to a half an hour early than it is for you to arrive late. 

There is nothing more worrying than sitting in front of a panel of professionals who hold the power to grant or deny your workers’ compensation claim. Everything you say and do will be taken into consideration for your claim. Be sure to prepare carefully, work with a workers’ compensation appeal attorney, dress appropriately, arrive early and remain courteous.

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