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Spinal cord injury may qualify you for SSD benefits

Many Americans, including some of those right here in New York, suffer serious injuries in car accidents, workplace mishaps, slip-and-fall incidences, and in many other ways. While many of these victims are able to reclaim their health and return to their normal lives, others are left with debilitating injuries that upend their day-to-day lives. Oftentimes these injuries interfere with an individual's ability to work. When this is the case, an individual can face significant financial hardship and destitution, which is why they need to consider seeking out the Social Security disability benefits to which they may be entitled.

One type of serious injury that may qualify an individual for SSD benefits are those related to the spinal cord. According to the Social Security Administration's guidelines, an individual who has some sort of spinal cord disorder may be able to qualify for benefits if certain requirements are met. For example, an individual who can show complete paralysis can qualify for SSD benefits, provided that he or she has the proper work history.

But that's not the only way an individual can qualify for SSD benefits if he or she has a spinal cord injury. He or she may also succeed on a SSD claim if it can be shown that two of his or her extremities don't function properly, thereby resulting in extreme limitation in the ability to walk, stand, or balance. Also, the SSA requirements may be met if it can be shown that the condition seriously affects one's ability to understand or remember information, concentrate, take care of one's self, or socialize with others.

Of course, there are other elements that must be shown before SSD benefits can be awarded, but most claim denials are on account of inadequate medical evidence to support a disability determination. To avoid a denial as best as possible, or to build an appeal for a denied claim, New Yorkers should work closely with a legal advocate who is skilled in this area of the law.

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