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What is my role in the SSD claim process?

If you've been injured or developed a medical condition that is severe enough to leave you unable to work, then you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If obtained, the compensation paid to you through this program can serve as a financial lifesaver. It can assist you in your efforts to obtain and pay for medical care, and it can help offset your lost wages. These benefits aren't automatically provided to those who suffer from a disability, though, which means you need to make active efforts to ensure that you are adequately and aggressively pursuing your SSD claim.

The Social Security Administration requires all disability claimants to provide all evidence related to the medical condition in question. This is an ongoing responsibility, meaning if new evidence is acquired after the claim is submitted, then the SSA must be notified. How do you know if the documentation you have is relevant and adequate? The SSA says that the evidence submitted to it needs to help it assess the type and severity of the medical condition in question, the length of time during which the condition is expected to last, and whether the claimant is able to perform any work-related activities.

The best way to provide this evidence is to ensure that your medical care is thorough and well-documented. If the SSA detects any inconsistencies, your medical provider won't perform certain tests, or if the SSA deems your medical provider unqualified, then they may require you to undergo a separate evaluation by one of their approved doctors.

When building a disability claim case, it is imperative to understand how the determination is made and how to use the evidence at your disposal to strengthen your case. By speaking with an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law, you may be able to build a case that puts you in a better position to recover the compensation you need to allow you to focus on your health.

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