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SSD benefits for joint issues

On behalf of Jonathan Poznansky of Jonathan H. Poznansky, Attorney at Law posted in social security disability benefits for injuries on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

Joint pain is a common health problem felt by many Americans. While there are a number of advertisements touting the effectiveness of many over-the-counter and prescription medications, sometimes these drugs are not enough to alleviate the pain suffered by those with joint problems. For some, the limitations imposed on them by their joints can be significant and long-reaching. It can even effect their ability to work and earn a wage. When this is the case, it may be time to consider filing a Social Security disability claim.

As with all disabilities, an individual must show that he or she meets certain federal requirements before benefits can be awarded. When it comes to joint pain, a claimant must demonstrate major dysfunction. This can be caused by deformity or chronic pain and stiffness, but it must be backed by medical evidence. Specifically, medical imaging must show bone destruction, joint space narrowing, or ankyloses in either one of the major weight-bearing joints or in one of the major joints in the upper body. The limitation must be so significant that it affects one's ability to walk or perform fine motor skills.

Many SSD claims fail on their first attempt due to a lack of medical evidence. This is why those suffering from joint pain need to make sure they keep detailed documentation about their condition and any medical treatment that they seek. Doing so could pave the way for a successful claim and the recovery of much needed benefits.

Even if an initial claim is denied, a competent legal professional can help a disabled individual navigate the complex appeals process. There's a lot at stake on these claims when an individual is unable to work on account of his or her medical condition, so it's in a disabled individual's best interests to put forth the best claim or appeal possible, which could be strengthened by having a strong legal advocate to stand in his or her corner.

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