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What is the plan to achieve self-sufficiency?

On behalf of Jonathan Poznansky of Jonathan H. Poznansky, Attorney at Law posted in social security disability benefits for injuries on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

The Social Security disability system is costly to the federal government. On account of this, the Social Security Administration has an interest in getting disabled individuals back to work as quickly as possible, if possible at all. Many disabled New Yorkers are receptive to returning to work, too, as they often find more purpose in life by working than simply collecting disability. However, those who receive SSD benefits need to fully understand how returning to work can affect their benefits before doing so.

Although an individual's SSD benefits can be reduced and eventually eliminated when an individual returns to work, the SSA has taken steps to try to ease the transition. For example, the SSA can help a disabled individual create a plan to achieve self-support. Under this plan, an individual can use income from employment to reduce his or her dependence on the SSD system, and those expenditures will be subtracted from one's income for SSD benefit determination purposes.

There are many things that qualify for this income exemption. Transportation for work purposes, child care, job search services, equipment necessary to perform a job, and even supplies to start a small business can all be considered part of the plan to achieve self-support. Before your benefits increase to cover these expenditures, though, one's plan must be in writing and approved by the SSA. The goals laid out, though, if achieved, can help put a disabled individual back on the road to self-support.

The Social Security disability system is riddled with nuanced programs like this that can have a drastic effect not only on one's benefits, but also his or her future as a whole. This is why when addressing issues related to Social Security disability benefits, it can often help to speak with a qualified legal professional who can help provide guidance.

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