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Workers' compensation often needed by construction workers

Any worker in Staten Island and throughout New York City can be injured on the job, but there are certain types of employment that carry greater natural risks of being injured or even killed. Construction is one such industry. Although it is a good job with solid pay and reliable benefits, there is always the danger of accidents. After an accident, workers' compensation is a necessity to help with medical treatment and lost wages. Legal help might be needed to maximize the benefits.

The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics detail the injuries and fatalities for New York City construction workers. There were 761 injuries in 2018. That is a rise from the 671 that happened in 2017 - an increase of 13 percent. This occurred despite a law enacted in Sept. 2017 that requires workers have at least 40 hours of safety training.

Regarding fatalities, there were 20 deaths in 2017, which was one less than the number in 2016. In 2018, there were 12 fatalities in the initial counting, however, the numbers are not yet complete.

After a construction accident, those who are fortunate enough to survive will still face a litany of problems in the aftermath. Since it is a physical job, any injury or medical issue can prevent them from working and will make it necessary for them to have extensive medical treatment and accrue massive expenses. They might never be able to return to their former job. Workers' compensation benefits are vital to those workers who cannot get back on the job and for those who are out for a long period of time. When there is a dispute over the approval for benefits or how long they will last, legal help from a law firm experienced in workers' compensation should be called for assistance.

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