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Will workers' compensation pay for my medications?

For New Yorkers who have a medical issue because of their work, whether it is an on-the-job injury or a condition that arose from their employment, there are many concerns that will arise. For those who need medication to treat their condition, there are often questions about how they will be paid for. Many people who are seeking or already receiving workers' compensation benefits do not know that their prescriptions and medications can and should be paid for by the insurer. If there is a refusal to pay or a dispute over which medications and prescriptions are covered, having legal advice is vital.

Social Security Disability Income and the five-step evaluation

When a Staten Islander has been injured or become ill and is seeking Social Security Disability Income, it can be a confusing time. The physical and emotional impact of these issues can be stressful and complex. Many do not want to think about the steps they must take to get approved for SSDI. However, knowing the five-step evaluation process the Social Security Administration uses is a foundational aspect of the application process. Throughout a case, it is wise to have legal advice.

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