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Workers' compensation important for injured roadside workers

In New York, keeping the roads in working order is critical for safety and efficiency. Construction workers stationed on the side of the road are clearly in danger at all times. Workers' compensation benefits are a critical safety net if they are hurt while working. With the lost time on the job, lost wages and medical costs, many workers rely on workers' compensation. However, if there is a dispute over any issue related to workers' compensation, a lawyer experienced in these matters is key.

Worker hurt during school repair might need Workers' Compensation

In New York, it is important to maintain school buildings so students can be safe when classes are in session. A key part of that is to perform maintenance work and repairs. Often, this is done during the summer when there is no school. Repairs and maintenance can be dangerous, as workers need to climb to significant heights, use heavy tools and trust other workers to adhere to safety procedures. When there is an accident, serious injuries can occur that can have a negative impact on a worker's life for an extended period. The damage might even be permanent. After a construction accident, those who were hurt should remember that they have the right to seek Workers' Compensation benefits.

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