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Returning to the workforce after a serious job-related injury

One of the most significant impacts of a job-related accident is getting back to work after your time of recovery. Maybe it's been awhile since you worked, and maybe your physical capabilities are different. It can be a daunting prospect to reenter the workforce in the aftermath of your serious injuries.

Under your New York employer's workers' compensation insurance, there are certain benefits that may be available to you that help you get back to work. You have the right to pursue the maximum amount of benefits available to you, which may include more than just coverage of your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. It is in your interests to learn more about all of the types of support that may be available to you.

What benefits can you get?

One of the most important benefits available to you through a workers' compensation claim is coverage of your medical bills. After getting the necessary medical care, however, there are other things that you may need to get better and move forward. Some of the things you may need as you consider your next step and potential return to work include the following:

  • Temporary disability – If you cannot go back to work for a specific amount of time because of your physical injuries, you may be able to secure temporary disability benefits. This will be helpful as you pursue a full recovery.
  • Vocational benefits – These benefits can provide you with help as you return to work. This includes ergonomics assistance, job search help, training and other types of support you may need.

You also have options if you are not able to return to work. If your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working, you may be able to pursue permanent disability benefits. This is an option for you if your injuries and impairment are such that they significantly hinder your ability to return to your job or work in other types of employment.

Help with your claim

The workers' compensation claims process can be frustrating and overwhelming. You do not have to navigate it alone, but you may find it beneficial to seek guidance and help from a legal advocate who has experience representing the needs and interests of injured workers. An assessment of your case can help you understand the specific types of benefits that may be available to you.

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