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What should you expect from your disability hearing?

If you cannot work due to a physical limitation, mental condition or medical diagnosis, you may know that you can get certain types of benefits through a disability claim. The Social Security Administration provides financial support for eligible individuals, but the requirements are strict. It's not always easy to obtain these benefits, even with a valid claim and serious physical limitations.

When am I eligible for workers' compensation schedule awards?

When New York workers are injured on the job, the injury itself is a key part of getting workers' compensation benefits. However, there are other aspects to the claim that must be understood in the context of how it is assessed by the Workers' Compensation Board and the amount the person will get is determined. There is a difference between schedule awards and non-schedule awards. After an injury, it is important to know the details of this requirement as it will be essential when the payments are sought and approved.

Workers' compensation can help workers after building collapse

One of the most common reasons for workplace injuries in New York is construction accidents. Some of these will cause serious injuries and leave workers unable to get back to work. Workers' compensation benefits are vital to ensure the worker gets the treatment they need. For those who have lost a loved one, it is also important to think about how to secure compensation.

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