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Getting workers' compensation after suffering hearing loss

For New Yorkers who have suffered hearing loss because of the work they do, it is important to understand the steps necessary to receive workers' compensation benefits. Since hearing loss can cause a person to be unable to do the same job they did before, these benefits can be crucial to making ends meet and getting the medical treatment they need. For these cases, it is wise to have legal assistance.

The law lists hearing loss as a possible reason for receiving workers' compensation benefits. The worker has 90 days from the date they were no longer exposed to the damage-causing noise, or 90 days from leaving the job where that exposure took place to file for benefits. There is a two-year statute of limitations to seek workers' compensation for this issue.

Hearing loss does not necessarily mean that the person is deaf. There could be a reduction in the ability to hear that negatively impacts the person's capability to do their job, which could enable them to apply for and be approved for workers' compensation benefits. For those who have suffered hearing loss because of their job, it is imperative to have legal advice on how to get workers' compensation benefits.

There could be a dispute as to what caused the hearing loss, or the employer and the insurer might deny the workers' compensation claim. Understanding the basics of workers' compensation and knowing what steps to take to file within the appropriate time frame is key. A law firm experienced in workers' compensation can help.

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