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Workers' compensation often needed by construction employees

Construction is seemingly constant throughout New York. There are many projects for residential buildings, commercial buildings, repair and maintenance. This might seem inconvenient for passersby and people who live near these worksites, but it is beneficial for the city, its businesses, residents and especially for construction employees. The construction industry provides significant jobs with good income and benefits to workers.

Still, there are foundational risks with this type of work. People in construction have a greater risk of injury than those in sedentary jobs. It is important to understand the steps necessary to get workers' compensation after being injured or becoming ill. Recent statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the number of injuries and illnesses suffered by construction workers across the U.S. had a slight increase in 2018.

There were an estimated 2.8 million injuries and illnesses for all private industry workers. This came to 2.8 such incidents for every 100 employees. The total remained essentially static from the number in 2017. For the construction industry, however, there were 199,100 injuries and illnesses in 2018. For 2017, there were 198,100 - a slight increase, but worrisome nonetheless.

Any workplace injury or illness can lead to major problems for the injured worker and their family. There can be medical expenses, lost income, long-term damage, the need to find other forms of employment and more. For construction workers who often use heavy tools, are stationed high in the air, are operating dangerous machinery and trust colleagues to be safe, injuries and fatalities are common. After an accident, it is important to understand how to get workers' compensation benefits. Calling an attorney for advice may be the wisest step to begin the process of getting an approval.

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