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3 reasons to notify your employer of an injury ASAP

Suffering an injury on the job is never an issue to downplay or ignore. Too many people, however, make the mistake of trying to continue work and ignore the pain. This can be costly not just to your potential workers’ comp claim but also to your health, well-being and recovery. There are several reasons it is imperative that you notify your employer of any injury immediately after it happens.

Look out for these less obvious workplace injuries

Some workers' compensation claims are very clear and severe. According to The Insurance Journal, overexertion (pulling a muscle) and falls are the top sources of injuries on the job. These happen in a single incident, and the bodily harm is usually immediate and undoubtedly attributable to the accident.

What are the most common injuries nurses suffer from?

Nursing is a demanding profession, and whether you are an RN or CNA, you likely know that the job is often just as strenuous as it is rewarding. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nursing boasts more nonfatal occupational injuries than any other profession, so medical providers should be proactive in protecting themselves.

Common causes of office injuries

Many New York office workers do not realize that workers’ compensation does not just provide protections for people who work in dangerous occupations. Employers in any industry must carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover the costs associated with workplace injuries, including those that occur in office environments.