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Common Types of Hand Injuries in the Workplace

From construction to office work, hand injuries in the workplace are all too common. At Nappa, Monterosso & Poznansky, LLP, our workplace injury lawyers help workers in the greater NYC area understand their rights when they’re hurt on the job. Here, we discuss the types and causes of hand injuries in the workplace and what to do if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Types and Causes of Workplace Hand Injuries

Cuts and Puncture wounds

When the skin of the hand is sliced by sharp objects such as knives, broken glass, or machinery with sharp edges, it can result in minor cuts or deep lacerations that require stitches. Objects like nails, tools, and metal or wood fragments can penetrate the skin or even go all the way through the hand, causing puncture wounds. Deep cuts and puncture wounds may cause damage to the skin, underlying tissues, nerves, and tendons.


When skin, tissue, or digits are torn away from the hand, this is known as an avulsion. This type of workplace hand injury is often caused by machinery, tools, or manufacturing equipment. Avulsions can result in very heavy bleeding, so if you suffer hand injuries in the workplace that involve avulsion, make sure to seek immediate first aid and go to the emergency room.


Toxic chemical exposure, flames, heat, or electrical sources in the workplace can cause mild to severe burns. Depending on the degree of the burn, damage to the skin, nerves, and blood vessels can occur. Burns can be very painful and lead to blistering, infection, scarring, and other long-term complications.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive motion or keeping your hand in irregular poses can cause repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis in the wrists and hands. Typing, assembly line work, hair styling, and jobs that require gripping can cause injuries over time.

Fractures and Dislocations

A sudden impact or excessive force can easily break bones or cause joint dislocations in the hands, wrists, and fingers. These workplace injuries are often caused by falls, tools, collisions with objects, or crush accidents. When the hand or fingers are stuck or compressed between heavy machinery, equipment, or objects, bones may be completely crushed and amputation may be necessary.

Injuries from Tools and Equipment

Power tools, machinery, and equipment used on construction sites, in manufacturing and industrial settings, and in other workplaces can cause all types of injuries to the hand. Lack of proper supervision, maintenance, or training can increase the risk of these hand injuries in the workplace.

Exposure to hazardous substances

Toxic chemical exposure can cause irritation, burns, rashes, or allergic reactions on the skin of the hands. This includes certain types of cleaning supplies, pesticides, formaldehyde, and other substances.

It’s important to wear the proper type of gloves and eye protection when handling dangerous chemicals. Absorption of these substances through the skin can cause serious occupational diseases, such as certain types of cancers, severe, chronic skin rashes, or systemic toxicity.


Prolonged exposure to frigid temperatures can cause frostbite. This can lead to damage to the skin, nerves, blood vessels, and digits. In severe cases involving dead tissue, debridement or amputation may be necessary. If you work outside or spend time in a freezer, always wear gloves and other PPE.

How a Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help

Although you’re entitled to workers’ compensation regardless of how a hand injury occurred in the workplace, getting the full amount of benefits you may be entitled to receive can be tricky. Because workplace hand injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome develop over time, it can be hard to prove that your condition is work-related. An insurer or employer may also try to downplay the severity of a hand injury and the impact it has on your daily life and ability to function.

A workers’ compensation attorney at Nappa, Monterosso & Poznansky can evaluate your case and help you find the best path forward to a successful claim. If you’ve already submitted a claim that’s been denied, we can assist with your appeal. As native Staten Islanders, we’re proud to represent injured workers throughout the greater New York City area.

Schedule a Consultation with a Workplace Injury Attorney in the Greater NYC Area

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