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Back Injuries in New York City

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If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you’re not alone. On-the-job back injuries account for almost 20% of all workplace injuries and illnesses, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These types of injuries can be extremely painful and keep you from working and doing things you enjoy. At Nappa, Monterosso & Poznansky, LLP, our workers’ compensation lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in all types of back injury cases. We’re dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured workers in the Greater NYC area. Our team can help you get the workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you need to safeguard your health and financial security.

Who is at Risk for Back Injuries?

Anyone can suffer a back injury at work, but certain professions put you more at risk for back and repetitive strain injuries. Some of the most common include:

  • Construction workers – Building and demolition work typically involves a lot of lifting, bending, twisting, and tugging. Construction workers who use ladders or scaffolding also are at greater risk of falling from heights, which can cause serious back injuries that may result in permanent disability. Our workers’ compensation lawyers handle all types of construction site injury cases.
  • Healthcare workers – Nurses, aides, and other hospital and healthcare workers are constantly on their feet and often must lift, turn, and move patients. They also do a lot of bending and may have to move heavy medical equipment. Workers in nursing homes and people who provide home healthcare services also perform tasks that can cause back injuries. Surgeons and dentists are not immune to back injury, either. They sometimes stand or sit in odd positions for long periods and are more focused on their work than their posture.
  • Warehouse workers – Lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy loads, stacking boxes, and frequent bending all are physically demanding. In addition, some warehouse workers must drive forklifts and other vehicles that vibrate, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries that affect the back and other parts of the body.
  • Drivers – Long-haul truckers and delivery drivers sit for extended periods and may have to lift heavy cargo in and out of their vehicles. Rideshare drivers, bus drivers, and almost anyone who drives a vehicle for a living can suffer back problems from sitting for hours every day.
  • Manufacturing – Assembly line workers and others who work in manufacturing face a high risk of back injuries. Heavy lifting, repetitive motion, and standing for hours can contribute to back pain and other issues.
  • Landscapers and gardeners – Yard work and gardening involve a significant amount of bending and lifting heavy items. The repetitive motion of tasks such as trimming hedges and the vibrations from using a lawnmower also can cause back and repetitive stress injuries.
  • Office workers – Sitting at a desk or using a computer and mouse all day takes a toll on your back and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if your workstation isn’t ergonomically sound.
  • Regardless of what type of work you do, if you believe you’ve suffered a work-related back injury, it is crucial to report it to your supervisor or employer, seek medical attention, and contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in the Greater NYC area.

Types of Back Injuries

A back injury can happen suddenly or over time, and symptoms of an injury don’t always appear right away. Common on-the-job back injuries include:

  • Strains and sprains – Strains and sprains in the lower back are common workplace injuries. Sitting or standing for a long time or twisting and bending the wrong way can easily strain the lower back. Fortunately, these types of injuries usually can be treated with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and behavior modification.
  • Herniated or bulging discs – The spongy discs between your vertebrae act as shock absorbers for your spine. Accidents and injuries can cause discs to slip out of place and lead to severe pain and lack of mobility. In some cases, surgery may be required to repair a herniated disc.
  • Pinched nerves – A pinched nerve occurs when a nerve is compressed by surrounding tissues like muscles, tendons, cartilage, or bone. Pinched nerves can be very painful and affect an injured person’s ability to move and walk properly.
  • Fractured vertebra – This type of injury usually occurs during a traumatic accident or fall. A fractured vertebra can cause permanent disability and may require extensive, ongoing medical care.
  • Degenerative disc disease – Aging puts a lot of wear and tear on the body, especially the spine. If you sustain a workplace injury that aggravates or exacerbates a pre-existing condition like degenerative disc disease, workers’ compensation may still pay for your medical care and wage replacement. These types of cases are complex. Our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys are well-versed in handling cases involving pre-existing conditions and know how to prove these types of claims.
  • Repetitive stress injury – Unlike an accident or specific incident, a repetitive strain injury develops gradually. Common in the shoulders, lower back, arms, wrists, and knees, RSIs usually are due to repeated stress on one area of the body. For example, if you lift heavy boxes and bend at work frequently, eventually your lower back may become strained or injured.
  • If your injury was caused by someone other than your employer, you may be able to file a third-party personal injury claim against any responsible parties. For example, if you were injured on a construction site and the accident was caused by a subcontractor, they may be liable for damages, such as pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Back Injuries

Workers’ compensation claims involving back injury can be complex. Insurance companies often try to deny claims or minimize workers’ injuries. Our workplace injury law firm has represented clients in Staten Island and the Greater New York City area for more than 30 years. We’re experienced in handling all types of work-related back injury claims and can assist with workers’ compensation appeals. Our team can determine whether you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits as well. Attorney and partner Rolando Cubela is proud to serve our Spanish-speaking clients. Our workers’ compensation lawyers always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in New York

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury at work, our workplace injury law firm can help. Our team at Nappa, Monterosso & Poznansky, LLP, provides compassionate, trustworthy legal support you can trust. To schedule a case evaluation with a workers’ compensation lawyer, call us at 718-273-9000 or contact us online.

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